Hexagon Consulting (www.hexagonconsulting.co) is part of a 15 year old group of companies engaged in Management Consulting & Education sectors. 

Hexagon Consulting is a globally networked management consulting & professional services firm based at Gurgaon, Delhi capital region, India, helps organisations navigate today's challenging times, by supporting strategic, management, operational enhancements. It works with mid to large organizations across sectors, in both developed & emerging markets like India, and operate on cusp of  cutting edge management thinking, with a practical grounded approach. 

Hexagon Consulting’s customer service excellence practice has consultants with extensive experience and expertise in this area. Hexagon Consulting provides practical help and solutions inter-alia in setting up and enhancing customer satisfaction measurement and improvement practices, service excellence framework and analytics, mystery shopping, customer complaint management, setting up multi-channel customer contact organization and infrastructure, implementation of improving service quality frameworks, etc.

Hexagon Consulting’s other key operations are in the area of outsourcing/offshoring where we focus on BPO/IT sector ; and in our broad spectrum management consulting practice area we focus inter alia on organisational risk mitigation & quality /compliance enhancement across sectors.