Customer Satisfaction index in INDIA

Customer Satisfaction Index in India

Customer Satisfaction is one of leading indicators of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty towards an organization”

Research proves that Customer Satisfaction measurement is the lead indicator of Customer retention and Customer loyalty towards an organisation. Customer Satisfaction measured through Customer Satisfaction Index benchmarks organisations within and across sectors on end Customer, User, Citizen Satisfaction. The Customer Satisfaction scores forecasts/helps to ascertain whether a customer in future will make a repeated purchase or will rather try new product/services of some other company. Customer Satisfaction Index measured world-wide help organisations to innovate, regulate efficiency, productivity and improve product/service delivery – an imperative for customer retention. More than dozen countries have a national Customer Satisfaction Index to benchmark organisation and are a yardstick for Citizen, User - Customer Satisfaction including the developed economies like USA, UK, and Singapore etc.

Customer Satisfaction Index in India will significantly benefit organisations (across private, public & government sectors), consumers & society at large and can contribute to further transforming and maturing the Indian economy.

A Customer Satisfaction Index is a data driven insight backed by advanced analytics. The Customer Satisfaction scores also help organisations to specifically understand the actionable for diagnostic improvement to truly transform into customer driven organisation.

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Indian Customer Satisfaction Index (ICSI) uses science based methodology is an objective, neutral measure of organisational Customer Satisfaction. Customers/Citizens surveyed anonymously will rate their satisfaction and experiences which then shall be analysed through advanced statistical tools to create specific scores for each organisation.

Organisations with high scores on Customer Satisfaction Index will have specifics to help them strategize better in sync with the customer ratings for varied Customer Satisfaction parameters/variable measured on multi-scale (1-10) rating. Organisations with lower score on Customer Satisfaction Index can have the specifics on the real concerns as portrayed by the customers. Organizations can work to create strategies, solutions, services and products to better their customer Satisfaction.

Hence, for an organisation, customers, citizens etc - a Customer Satisfaction Index is an objective, neutral data driven insight on end user/consumer Satisfaction.