Customer Satisfaction research studies

Customer Satisfaction is getting increasingly important these days with innumerable changes in customer preferences and turbulence which businesses are facing. To maintain the customer loyalty, and their preference for an organisation, product/service, customer satisfaction research studies which gauge, frame the customer satisfaction is important. The Customer Satisfaction studies are also important these days as we find that more importance is given to what the organisation is delivering to the customer, rather than what the customer is getting. This can become a monologue with focus on the efforts, resources and deliverable of organisations to the customers rather than what the customers gets. The Customer Satisfaction Survey can help organisations to diagnose, improve their strategies and have more loyal customers with direct benefit in the bottom-line of their organisations.

Customer Satisfaction Survey can help organisations to have more satisfied customers. Satisfied customers usually return and buy more and then they tell other people about their experiences, and hence a positive word of mouth is this digital, social media age is very expensive. Statistics are bandied around that suggest that the cost of keeping a customer is only one tenth of winning a new one. Research also proves that usually and precisely 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, but 91% of those actually leave and never come back. This thus makes it more important to understand customers and their satisfaction with the products/services of the organisation. Therefore, when we win a customer, we should hang on to them. Customer Satisfaction surveys will help in the same.

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Customer Satisfaction studies are usually done in form of feedback studies. The feedback studies help organisations to identify happy and unsatisfied customers for word of mouth and for improvement in strategies, tactics respectively. The surveys usually have a rating scale with questions tracking different aspects of the product/service and the experience of the customer with it.

Most of the Customer Satisfaction research studies are surveys aimed at current customers and do not gauge the views of disgruntled customer. Because framing this in a single frame can be tedious for the researchers. To create amazing Customer Experiences, these lost customers are important as they provide data for actionable improvement in organisation and can provide innumerable points for competition as well.

Numerous research and also by American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)- a globally respected Customer Satisfaction bench marking Index proves that measuring satisfaction only cannot give the exact details or specific workable actionable for improvement. It necessary to determine customers’ expectations or the importance they attach to the different attributes, otherwise resources could be spent raising satisfaction levels of things that do not matter. Customer Satisfaction studies that measure the gap between customers’ expectations and their actual experiences provide clearer picture of the key drivers of customer satisfaction .And such data collected over a time can help organisations to have deeper insights to review their service strategies as well and to make the organisational changes necessary to support service quality and product improvements.

And as such the measurement of expectations or importance is more difficult than the measurement of satisfaction. And for an effective Customer Satisfaction study, measuring the expectation correctly is more important. Having the correct questions and the method to gauge the expectation is important as many people do not know or cannot admit, even to themselves about what is important to them. Customers do not spend their time rationalising why they do things, their views change and they may not be able to easily communicate or admit to the complex issues when buying or using a product/service from an organisation.

Customer Satisfaction studies are the metrics needed to strategize, innovate newer products/services and for specific actionable to enhance Customer loyalty and retention. And correctly designed, executed Customer Satisfaction studies incorporating the Customer Expectations can give the right deliverable for desired results