Customer Satisfaction in Digital organization

 Customer Satisfaction in Digital age needs a special mention. Today, with accelerating mobile penetration, galloping internet/wireless speeds -digital presence for organizations is becoming a necessity of everyday life. Digital capabilities/solutions of organizations is also contributing to technology blurring & merging with our real world - all contributing to the exploding e-commerce and mobile usage (with nearly everything that we did on a computer, now happening on a mobile device).Customer Satisfaction is also being influenced by increasing velocity of disruptive models emerging in our day to day lives and in our socio-eco-systems.

And with respect to Customer Satisfaction in Digital presence there is further acceleration of the change, given the faster and faster pace of introduction of newer products & services in digital form

So, is Customer Satisfaction being affected by the digital tsunami?

Perhaps the answer lies that while technological change is driving most of these changes - what is running through all of this is continuously improved self-service, customer convenience & improving end user/customer experience. Influential thinkers & world economic forum is now describing this as the 4th industrial revolution!

Customer Satisfaction through Digital engagements for starters, usually was construed to be largely a branding- marketing role. But considering that other than online branding on social media, the complete business activities are now expected to be done online – including prospect engagement, sales, purchase, sales fulfillment, operations, service, customer support, feedback & reviews, complaint handling, resolution, referral & loyalty management right up to customer feedback & testimonial management, etc.

For greater Customer Satisfaction, the classical siloed organizational functions of Marketing – sales – production – service needs to be integrated with the online interface to enable organization to serve the Digital customer!

For the “friction-less” digital customer experience,

·       Organizational siloes need to be bridged /broken

·      Self-service channels need to be smooth.

·          Customer engagement across engagement channels needs to be seamless.

·          No waiting times, queues.

·        Customer chooses the channel of engagement, expects organization to comply.

·        So the process flows, KPIs, metrics & measures of each and every department need to evolve – by customer journey mapping & design thinking

·        The website & fulfillment channels need to be integrated into one smooth, integrated machine.

·      Customer Satisfaction Index needs to be measured & benchmarked objectively & used as a key business outcome metric.

Customer Satisfaction in organizations that are winning & surviving today are placing the customer, user - right in the center of their strategy, product development, technology & operations - and systemically measuring & improving the customer experience.