Importance of Customer Satisfaction benchmarking Scores

measure customer satisfaction

In today’s time when Customer Satisfaction is tremendously important - how many organisations truly & objectively measure customer satisfaction?

And when some organisations do measure Customer Satisfaction- how do they bench mark themselves (with peers) with respect to Customer Satisfaction as is being done on traditional metrics like sales & market share, profitability.

The question arises shouldn’t they first benchmark on Customer / User satisfaction?

Any why not publish these scores openly & transparently–just like market share & profitability data?

Customer Satisfaction scores can improve corporate and organisational performance. Customer Satisfaction scores can also serve needs of other important stakeholders in society like stock analysts, consumers, regulators.

So who should do this? If peer comparison is to be done and published – then it must obviously be done independently & institutionally – so the customer survey process & data analysis, scoring & benchmarking is fair & objective and relevant for all stakeholders.

 Is this being done anywhere? Yes, is being done for several years in many countries like Singapore, US, UK, Sweden, Canada.

 Customer satisfaction, Is now an established body of measurement science and there are a few citizen satisfaction measurement & benchmarking methodologies in use.

-       Amongst a few others one respected methodology is the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), a globally respected customer Satisfaction measurement & benchmarking Index, with presence in more than dozen countries around the world. ACSI was developed by the National Quality research Centre (NQRC) at the University of Michigan, US.

Since, the  know how exists & is in wide use, benchmarking organisations on end users’ satisfaction can be developed for India as well.

-       as per this well established methodology, feedback obtained directly from customers (sampled randomly from random citizen group ) is used to statistically evaluate & analyse customer experiences, to obtain distilled views of customers and quantitative indexed scores on the outputs (service) received and benchmark the same with their peers & across sectors/nations.

Imagine, how transformational it will be, if we can measure (objectively & independently) and publish the same openly & frequently (say every year or more frequently), end customer/user satisfaction scores of all organisations (private,& public across all sectors). And not just publish the satisfaction scores for their dashboards, to drive competitiveness, but also provide diagnostics on what specifically to improve, to enhance/sustain their scores.

Believe this will go a long way to improve organisations’ across sectors and India’s global competitiveness.