Sales, Market share should not be the only criteria to measure an Organisations Success

measure customer satisaction

India is touted and growing at the fastest economic growth rate. And India’s organisations across private, public and/or government sector is delivering Product and Services to Customers worldwide. Numerous researches prove that organisations which are more Customers focussed/centric are consistently growing, and are more valuable worldwide.

This makes a case for Indian Organisations to deliver an extraordinary Customer Experience and continuously thrive to improve it. However, in India despite Organisations strategizing for a great Customer Experience/Satisfaction actual delivery for customers is often sub-optimal. This is due to varied reasons.

For organisations at the start-up stage delivering a superior customer experience consistently is not easy. For start-ups it requires tremendous operating rigor to integrate people, processes and technology with product & service delivery channels for a well-oiled smooth operation .Along with delivering seamless Customer Experience there is also a need to simultaneously solicit and leverage customer feedback and complaints for enhancing product and process improvement & innovation continuously. 

And in the case of matured organisations success is often measured on conventional measures like sales, profits, market share, etc. – and it does not formally measure end customer satisfaction ordo notvisibly recognise it as a core organisational goal. It is widely seen that most executives/organisations continue to lean heavily on poorly chosen statistics.

A leading Harvard research says that often Customer Experience/Satisfaction suffers as it is not measured correctly. The research highlights that to correctly estimate Customer Satisfaction there should be a correct understanding of cause and effect and the failure to measure this will make wrong metrics for measurement. And when the world is necessarily becoming flat it is becoming more relevant probably to measure and benchmark end customer satisfaction of organisations vis-vis their peers, within and across sectors. And when the Customer satisfaction measurement is so important then like any formal measure for competing organisations – it needs to be necessarily done independently & objectively.

So why not publish these scores openly & transparently–just like market share & profitability data? This can improve corporate and organisational performance & also serve needs of other important stakeholders in society like stock analysts, consumers, regulators etc.

It will be transformational for India if we can measure Customer Satisfaction for organisation across private, public and/or government sector objectively & independently and let the Customers know about it. This will go long way to enhance Customer Experience, drive competitiveness and also will lend actionable for organisations to improve their products/services.