customer satisfaction benchmarking

Importance of Customer Satisfaction benchmarking Scores

In today’s time when Customer Satisfaction is tremendously important - how many organisations truly & objectively measure customer satisfaction?

And when some organisations do measure Customer Satisfaction- how do they bench mark themselves (with peers) with respect to Customer Satisfaction as is being done on traditional metrics like sales & market share, profitability.

The question arises shouldn’t they first benchmark on Customer / User satisfaction?

Any why not publish these scores openly & transparently–just like market share & profitability data? 

Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking

Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking

The Indian banking system successfully faced the global economic downturn since the last decade and has been taking considerable commendable steps to improve the banking experience in India. The Indian Banking system is generally well regarded globally and there is a mature & respected regulator (RBI) with a good mix of banking spread & competition between a number of public, private & foreign banks in operation. But there is always considerable discussion & on-going debate on financial inclusion and population coverage of banking products & services, quality of banking services delivered etc.