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Importance of Customer Satisfaction benchmarking Scores

In today’s time when Customer Satisfaction is tremendously important - how many organisations truly & objectively measure customer satisfaction?

And when some organisations do measure Customer Satisfaction- how do they bench mark themselves (with peers) with respect to Customer Satisfaction as is being done on traditional metrics like sales & market share, profitability.

The question arises shouldn’t they first benchmark on Customer / User satisfaction?

Any why not publish these scores openly & transparently–just like market share & profitability data? 



There is a correlation between successful, valuable and very profitable organisations and Customer Satisfaction. These valuable organisations deliver world class customer experience and hence create an everlasting value for their customers’ vis-à-vis their peers.

Repeated research and Work in Customer Satisfaction space by various think tank, independent bodies, academics, corporates etc, too validate this rationale. This also explains the reason as why mission/vision of many organisations emphasise on customer satisfaction.