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Headline: The right measures of Success

Date: 19 November 2015

Edition: Print & Online

Benchmarking organisations public and private on customer satisfaction can help India mature

As India matures and aspires to join the league of developed mature nations, the question that begets reflection is what are some key measures of success?

And how will we “measure”, if we are getting there and moving in the right direction?

Like any country, India is essentially an aggregation (and sometimes integration) of organisations across private, public and government segments, which serve customers, users and citizens operating in various sectors for commercial, social or other purposes.

Change the metrics
Should we “measure success” by “size of infrastructure/ inputs” or “output” metrics?

As illustration of the question, should we measure “input” metrics such as size of infrastructure, length of roads, number of bank branches, number of ATMs, number of telecom subscribers, number of schools, hospitals and hospital beds, or should we instead re-focus on measuring “output” metrics such as quality of products and services delivered to customers, users, citizens?

In other words let us focus on “outcome or output” metrics such as customer satisfaction delivered by organisations, such as by a bank, insurance company, telecom service provider, educational institution (quality of education imparted), hospital (i.e. healthcare quality), ease of roads traversed.

There is no point counting the length of railway lines, number of schools, and having classrooms empty or delivering poor quality education, and there’s no point having hospitals which are poorly managed, staffed and with poor delivery standards, or public toilets which are built, but not serviced/maintained/functional.

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