measuring Indian customer satisfaction index

Indian Customer Satisfaction Index will introduce an independent & objective measure for cross industry bench marking of organisations across sectors – on what really matters to consumers i.e. customer satisfaction.  

 The Indian customer satisfaction index is being introduced and launched by Hexagon Consulting, a Gurgaon (New Delhi, NCR) based management consulting firm in partnership with the globally respected US based organisation American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI, Such measures and ranking index exist in most mature markets – but in India so far this is not being done.

The index is being launched in India under the copyrighted brand - Indian Customer Satisfaction Index (ICSI) by American Customer satisfaction Index (ACSI) and Hexagon Consulting.

The customer satisfaction index will benchmark organisations on the basis of customer satisfaction feedback completed through surveys and analysis done by Hexagon Consulting and American Customer Satisfaction Index(ICSI) which operates a similar index in the US and also has licensed the same in many countries around the world.

For gauging end customer satisfaction based indexed ranking, Hexagon Consulting will use evolved statistical algorithms, software and survey methodologies perfected over the last 2-3 decades by its partner - ACSI. This methodology is proprietary to ACSI, and Hexagon Consulting will leverage the same, while drawing upon analytical and customer satisfaction management skills of its customer satisfaction consultancy practice area.This consistent, reliable, and precise approach means customer satisfaction results as produced will be comparable across all sectors, industries, companies, and time periods in the Index. ACSI is the only customer satisfaction index to produce consistent and reliable scores.No other measure in the United States offers both competitive and cross-industry customer experience bench marking. Thus, in India the introduction of the index is expected to be transformational and will benefit both organisations and consumers. 

The Indexing will be done based on the survey data collected at the individual customer level to generate insights across the entire spectrum of customer experience, for the largest organisations in each sector covered. The survey data thus collected will be statistically analysed to produce customer satisfaction indexed benchmarks, for the major companies and organisations in India that provide goods and services to Indian consumers.

Thus, Indian organisations & consumers will get to know which organisations are better in providing a superior customer experience relative to their peers- as ranked by end customer perception & feedback.