Portal: Your Story

Headline: Coverage on E- commerce Industry

Date: 21 November 2015

Edition: Online

The online and offline customer experience differs prominently. In a physical store, customer use physical cues to assess the competency of an establishment. It is a lot easier to evaluate the professionalism of employees after meeting them in-person, in a local store. One is well aware of the transaction process and instinctively know how to return the purchase, in case any issues. However, for an e-commerce merchant, these cues are absent. The language, design, processes, content and the overall experience determine how a potential buyer perceives the business.

A positive customer experience leads to more sales and good word of mouth. A negative experience not only diminishes the potential for future sales, but can also lead to negative word of mouth that hinders new customer acquisition. Even though technology has made building an ecommerce empire easier than ever, one cannot afford to ignore the emotional and logical cues that buyers need to feel secure and confident making an online transaction. This can impede the growth of the best business models.

Survival in today’s economic climate and competitive e-commerce environment, requires more than just low prices and innovative product. It is imperative for each e-commerce portal to create an amazing customer experience that compels one to be a loyal customer, make repeat purchases and refer products and services to others. Customer experience must be central to the company’s strategy and a collective responsibility. A few ways to enhance customer experience and cultivate customer loyalty are mentioned below

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